About us

About us

Proactive Swimming Club – Dubai, takes immense pride in our achievements and commitment to providing top-notch swimming education. Our success is reflected in the fact that 92% of our students have successfully completed our comprehensive Learn to Swim program, progressing through each level with us. We firmly believe that every child should have the invaluable skill of swimming, and we are dedicated to making that a reality.

We understand that each child is unique, with distinct learning requirements and paces. Our approach is centered around this understanding, ensuring that every child receives a personalized learning experience tailored to their specific swimming needs. Whether a child is learning to swim for leisure or aiming to compete at a competitive level, our professional coaches are well-equipped to guide them on their swimming journey.

80% of students from our Learn to Swim program have chosen to continue their swimming education in our Performance Squad Training program to participate in competitions. This speaks volumes about the quality of our instruction and our students' genuine enthusiasm for the sport. Our coaches are skilled at fostering a love for swimming while also nurturing competitive abilities in those who aspire to excel in the pool

We have successfully taught and mentored over 100 students each year. Our commitment to maximizing active learning time and delivering focused instruction aligns with the latest industry standards, ensuring that our students receive the best possible education in swimming.

At Proactive Swimming Club, we don't just teach swimming; we cultivate skills, confidence, and a lifelong appreciation for water activities. Every stroke, every lap, and every achievement is a testament to our dedication to producing capable and confident swimmers.

Choose Proactive Swimming Club because we recognize that every child's journey through the water is unique, and we are here to guide, support, and inspire every step of the way.

Our mission

Our priority is to create a healthy and safe environment.
We are committed to engaging, motivating, and navigating swimmers to reach their full potential.
Our mission is to make a significant contribution to overall swimming quality, water safety, and health in Dubai, UAE.

Our vision

Our vision is to make high-quality swimming training accessible to everyone.


Marko Skakaljevic


Marko Skakaljevic was born in Serbia in 1993. He started swimming at a very young age (4) and swimming became an integral part of his life. For the first couple of years, Marko was pushed to swim by his parents, but after a tough start, it started to grow on him. When he started competing at the age of 6 and won his first medal at the age of 7, that “like” turned into love. Marko went through every age group, learning every step of the process. Some years after, when he gained the chance to represent not only his club but his school, community, city, and region, it became an honor and responsibility.

As a high school student, aged 16, Marko had the privilege to assist teachers with the learn-to-swim program. This is when he first had the chance to see the pool from the other side. While teaching Marko gained the necessary knowledge and experience about how it all gets started in the swimming world and his eagerness for knowledge and development didn’t stop there. Very soon he got the chance to be an assistant coach in the club. This position had the most influence on his career as he learned not only about swim training, but also valuable lessons about dealing with people.

Finally, at the age of 21, Marko earned the title of the independent swimming coach, completely responsible for coaching and guiding young swimmers, dealing with assistants, schools, communities, officials, etc. After graduating from the University of Sports, he became a licensed coach and gained access to a large assortment of seminars and conferences. Becoming a member of ASCA (American Swimming Coaches Association), his knowledge further expanded both through education and continuous work with swimmers.

Today, at the age of 27, he is living and working in Dubai, UAE as a squad coach. In the past 9 years Marko has had the chance to work with all levels and ages; both with professionals and amateurs; with people who are trying to qualify for their national team as competitors and people who swim for fitness or injury rehabilitation; with swimmers swimming 12 times per week and swimmers swimming twice per week; with children, teenagers and adults.